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Home » Hindu Festivals In Kashmir » The Festival Of Chaitre Chandesh In Kashmir

The Festival Of Chaitre Chandesh In Kashmir

The Festival Of Chaitre Chandesh In Kashmir

The Festival Of Chaitre Chandesh In Kashmir 

India has a very rich cultural heritage and this is evident from the numerous Fairs and festivals that are usually held here. The Chaitre Chandesh is one of the major Festivals in India and it is said to enliven the Indian spirit. Chaitre Chandesh is held in Northern India amidst tremendous pomp and gaiety.

The name Chaitre Chandesh comes from the month of Chaitra which is the concluding month of the Indian year. It is customary in India to do something exclusive at this time of the year. So to celebrate this propitious time, the people of India, especially the people of North India celebrate the Chaitre Chandesh with great deal of enthusiasm and vigor.

The festival known as Chaitre Chandesh is typical to Uttar Behni. It is a festival of entertainment and hilarity. Men and women in their trendiest attires throng the fair and enjoy to their hearts content.

The main purpose of the fair is to establish amity between the different religions and also to make human beings more tolerant as regards religion and class. The Chaitre Chandesh is actually celebrated because of the northern flow of the river Devak. This river is also known as Gupt Ganga.

People come and take a holy dip into this sacred river. It is considered to provide blessings and also to enhance the wealth of the people. Generally, rivers flow from North to South. But this river is an exception to that rule. So, due to its difference from the rest, it is considered to be auspicious and is worshipped by the people of India.

The Chaitre Chandesh signifies the spiritual inclination of the Indians. They think that since this river Devak flows to the North, the propitious place where Lord Shiva resides, it links the world to that sacred place. A holy dip into the river is said to relieve all pains and bring peace and contentment in their lives. So, Chaitre Chandesh is feted with such vibrancy.

As the name suggests Chaitre Chandesh is usually celebrated in the month of March or April, during the Indian Chaitra Month.