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The Festival Of Baishakhi In Kashmir

The Festival Of Baishakhi In Kashmir

The Festival Of Baishakhi In Kashmir 

The name Baishakhi suggests the first month of the Hindu calendar, so it is evident that the Baishakhi Fair is also held at the beginning of the New Year. Baisakhi offers numerous scopes for entertainment and also makes it possible for the people to enjoy to the fullest extent.

Baisakhi means the advent of summer and since summer is the first month of the year, people in North Indian celebrate Baishakhi with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. Thus the Baishakhi Fair is actually the celebration of the New Year and people enjoy this by conducting a fair known as the Baisakhi Fair.

India is an agricultural country and so the people are dependent on agriculture. This makes them wait for a golden harvest all round the year. When the rich golden harvest actually arrives, then men throng in the streets crying aloud in joy.

The cheerful cry of people is a pleasant sight; their eyes are filled with hopes and their aspirations brighten up the atmosphere. The hopes of men seem to be fulfilled and like the seven colors of a rainbow, which is a sign of the eternal covenant of God's promise, the rich harvest signifies the eternal bliss to the Indians.

Baisakhi Festival brings in more hues to the rich pageantry and since it is a New Year's Eve people wears their nicest costumes, bought from stalls of the market. They sing and dance in tune of music and this is an amazing show.

Baisakhi is also known to be the Harvest Festival. Rich Harvest which brings in happiness to the lives of men seems to gear up their hopes for a brighter future. Their aspirations rise sky high and this blissful moment is like a dream come true for them.

They enjoy this moment's bliss with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. So the fervor of the Baisakhi Fair is simply indescribable. People try to attain solace from a holy dip into the sacred rivers. After a sacred bath in the rivers they put in their best garments and pay their homage in the temples.

People enjoy this incident with hearts full of contentment and in the month of Baisakh marriages are also conducted. These marriages are said to be extremely lucky and peaceful. The ritual dip followed by worshipping in the Nagbani Temple is a sacramental affair. This phenomenon is an integral part of the Baisakhi Fair.

The time for the celebration of the Baisakhi Fair is usually April or May.