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Sufiana Kalam Music Of Kashmir

Sufiana Kalam Music Of Kashmir

Sufiana Kalam Music Of Kashmir

Traditionally the music composed by ethnic Kashmiris has a wide range of musical influences in composition. Due to Kashmir's close proximity to Central Asia, Eastern Asia and Southern Asia, a unique blend of music has evolved encompassing the music of the 3 regions. But, overall, Kashmiri music is closer to Central Asian music, using traditional Central Asian instruments and musical scales. Kashmiri music uses a wide variety of musical scales, everything from musical scales which are very similar to the byzantine scale, and harmonic minor scale, to the more melodic sounding Major scale, and Minor scale. Also the use of vocals in traditional Kashmiri music varies.

In some forms of Kashmiri music vocals are given the central role, forming the lead of the songs, but in many other varieties, it is the instruments that act as the central focus of the music. In a lot of traditional Kashmiri music the vocals are harmonized, with a wide ranging of harmonies from the use Consecutive fifths to one person singing the same melody either an octave higher or lower.

Rouf is a traditional dance form performed by women on certain important occasions.

Sufiana Kalam is also popular in Kashmir, this form of music is accompanied by a 70-stringed instrument called the santoor, along with the Kashmiri saz. Sufiana Kalam has been popular in Kashmir since arriving from Iran in the 15th century, and has been the music of choice for Kashmiri Sufi mystics.

The dance based on the sofiyiana kalam is the hafiz nagma.