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Kashmir Cuisine

Kashmir Cuisine 

Kashmiri cuisine has evolved over hundreds of years. The first major influence was the food of the Kashmiri Pandits, the Hindus who lived in the valley in the middle ages. The cuisine was then influenced by the cultures which arrived with the invasion the Kashmir region by Timur from the area of modern Uzbekistan. Subsequently, it has been heavily influenced by other central Asian, Persian and Afghan cultures

Kashmir cuisine is quite famous for the gracious use of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, saffron, etc. Spices used in Kashmiri cuisines give special taste and aroma to the food. However, Kashmiri rice forms an important part of the traditional food of Kashmir, striking a balance with the spicy Kashmiri dishes. Non-veg, consisting of mutton, chicken, fish, etc forms an important part of Kashmiri cuisine. The routine cooking in Kashmir is a combination of non-veg and vegetables in the same dish.

Non-vegetarian dishes consist of an important part of not only the diet of a Kashmiri, rather a banquet (wazwan) also. Considered a sign of extravagant hospitality, non-vegetarian dishes dominate in an official feast (wazwan). A typical wazwan meal consists of not more than one or two vegetarian dishes. Kashmir cuisine does not pay much attention to sweets. Instead, an important part of the meal is Kahva or green tea, used to wash down a meal. Traditionally, food in Kashmir was eaten by hands, without any spoons, forks or knives. Have a look at some of the popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of Kashmir and don't miss to relish the delicacies of Kashmir valley on your trip.

Kashmiri Pandit CuisineKashmiri Pandit Cuisine
The Kashmiri pandit's food is a very elaborate affair.It forms an important part of his identity.The food usually uses a lot of yoghurt and turmeric, and avoids onion and garlic and does not consist of many minced meat dishes unlike the Kashmiri muslim cu
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Kashmir WazawanKashmir Wazawan
The history of Kashmir's traditional cuisine, Wazawan, dates back to the last years of the 14th century when the Mongol ruler Timur invaded India in 1348 during the reign of Nasiruddin Muhammad of the Tughlaq dynasty. As a result, there took place a migra
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