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Ice Skating And Ice Hockey In Kashmir

Ice Hockey In Kashmir

Ice Skating And Ice Hockey In Kashmir

Other activities you can enjoy in Kashmir are ice-skating, ice-hockey and cross country skiing. Pahalgam and Srinagar in Kashmir are extremely popular sites for ice-skating. Ice skating and ice-hockey which involves playing hockey while wearing skates on an ice-rink or on the frozen surface of a lake, is a popular winter sport played by two teams who try to manoeuvre a smooth puck, (instead of the ball used in ordinary hockey) to score goals against the opposing team. A game of great swiftness and dexterity, ice hockey is a popular spectator sport among winter sports in Kashmir

Winters in Kashmir are exhilarating as the temperature drops to zero and below zero degrees. Lakes and pools transform into mere sheets of ice and with your skates on nobody is going to tell you what to do. Ice skating is one more popular adventure sport hosted in the valley. Ice skating rinks are set up at many places and tourists from all over places assemble to participate in the competitions and sometimes for fun. Gulamarg and Pahalgam are two popular destinations for ice skating.