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Clothing Of People In Kashmir

Clothing Of People In Kashmir

Clothing Of People In Kashmir 

As far as the clothing is concerned the phiran is a commonly worn garment. It is a gown usually made of wool and has a lot of embroidery work done on it. These gowns are decorated with colorful floral motifs and designs.

Tours and travel to the picturesque and beautiful Kashmir can be a special treat as most people on the streets can be seen wearing the tradition gown or the phiran. Both men and women find it easy and comfortable to wear these phirans as they are very warm and loose and can accommodate hot water bags or little earthen pots with burning coal. This arrangement helps these people to stay warm in the extremely cold climate. 

Kashmir is very popular for its Pashmina shawls. These shawls are made from the traditional woolen textile. This woolen textile is obtained from the mountain goat. These shawls have intricate thread work done on them. These shawls have work done on both the sides. Kashmiri embroidery is called kasida. The special feature of the kasida work is that it is done in such a manner that the patterns appear in a uniform fashion on both sides of the fabric. The Kashmiri stoles are very popular. Many Kashmiri women who follow Islam wear the abaya. Tours and travel to the Kashmir region usually tempts tourists to go on shopping sprees. 

Kashmiri women have a fetish for silver jewelry. Most Kashmiri women wear silver chains with heavy pendants with intricate work done on them. They wear heavy silver earnings. The traditional earring is huge, made of silver and usually available in bell shaped variations. Men wear coats made of camel hair, cashmere and brocade.