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Bahu Mela In Kashmir

Bahu Mela In Kashmir

 Bahu Mela In Kashmir

The Bahu Mela in Jammu indicates a rich cultural heritage of India and the integrity of Indian customs and traditions. This is because of the fact that Bahu Mela is celebrated at Jammu in spite of it being a religious festival of the Hindus. People join hands and they together celebrate the Bahu carnival to brighten it up and make it more brilliant.

Bahu Festival in Jammu is held in the Bahu Fort where the idol of Goddess Kali is worshipped. People adore Kali Goddess because of her miraculous power which is said to do magic and solve men's problems.

So, people gather at the Bahu Temple to offer their worship to the Goddess and also in order to gain some blessings from the Mother Goddess Kali. The name Kali emerges from the concept of darkness in Indian Mythology.

It is believed that the Goddess have been empowered by the ability to eradicate darkness and evil from the world. While worshipping her, therefore, the hearts of people are also sanctified with the removal of evil from the mind.

Therefore she is being worshipped twice a year and simultaneously with that, a fair is also held at Jammu known as Bahu Fair.

The Bahu Mela at Jammu is held with great vibrancy and enthusiasm. People wear their best costumes and congregate in the streets. They also pay homage to the goddess Kali in their own possible ways.

It is said that the mind is its own place and in itself it can make a heaven of hell and also ha hell of heaven. So while offering their homage the minds of people become a heaven with all the blissful moments surfacing up in front of the eyes and they try to revive those incidents in their hearts.

The Bahu Fort, in which the idol of Mother Goddess Kali has been kept, is situated 5 kilometer from the Jammu City. It is located on a rock which faces the river Tawi. The Bahu Fort was believed to have been constructed 3,000 years ago by Raja Bahulochan from which the name Bahu Temple has emerged.

Pilgrims gather here to offer reverence on every Tuesdays and Sundays. It is also known as the Tawi Flowing Worship. Even from the temple premises one can get a nice view of the eloquently flowing river.

The Bahu Fair comprises of various incidents like joy rides, temple viewing, and also a holy dip into the sacred river. Various articles like accessories, utensils, garments and other pottery items are being sold here.

Since the Bahu Mela is conducted twice it is celebrated both in March-April, and also in September-October.